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Early Bird tickets 45 € 
until 31.5

Revive Conference brings young adults together to reflect on the importance of connection and love


Revive Conference takes place at Korjaamo in Helsinki on 25 October 2024. The event connects young adults from different congregations across the country and it is held for the second time. The focus of the event is to encourage and inspire young adults to live meaningful lives. 

The main theme of the event is connection. The theme bears the name One Heart - Many stories. This theme will be presented in the form of music, speeches, panel discussions and workshops. 

The performing bands and artists will be Immanuel, Beige, Juhani Tikkanen band, Northwind Collective and Eve & Ossi band.

The speakers will be among others, pastor Pietu Korpelainen and family therapist Elli Meklin. Meklin leads a panel discussion on the topic: What is love? The panel discussion leads listeners to reflect on the importance of love, connection, authenticity and diversity in interpersonal relationships. The panelists include therapist Neea Perho and Kristiina Fekete, the media manager of the Valo dating app.

In addition, the program offers the opportunity to participate in various workshops, where you can further deepen the meaning of connection in your own life.

"Experience of love is the most important foundation of a person's mental health. However, it always takes a relationship to experience it - self, other people, God. We cannot grow into who we are without relationships. We grow into humans with humans. It is the starting point of everything from birth and continues throughout life. We are created to live spiritually, physically, and psychologically in relationships.”

- Family therapist and author Elli Meklin

"I expect that at the Revive Conference we could come together despite our different backgrounds. Everyone looks different in where they work or serve, but still we are all of one heart and worth just as such. We are created to live in such connection where you can experience peace and security even in those moments where you cannot do anything about it yourself.”

- Artist Joel "Beige" Peltoniemi


The hosts in the event will be Lidia Bogale, who is familiar from the Rohkaisuryypy-podcast and social media, and singer-songwriter Jesse de Jong.

"We're super excited about this year's Revive Conference. Last year was filled with hope- inspiring speeches, worship and encountering others. This year’s theme is One Heart - Many Stories. We all have one heart that has need to love and to be loved. You will hear more about this in Revive" 

Hosts Lidia Bogale and Jesse de Jong


The event is produced by Ohjelmatoimisto Kristalli.

Revive Conference

Helsinki Korjaamo
Friday 25.10.2024
Event 16.30 – 00.00, doors open 15.30


Prices starting from 49 €
Early Bird tickets 45 € until 31.5



Ohjelmatoimisto Kristalli
Ellinoora Nkwentie, communication

+358 44 2944192


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